Plasma Vortex


Advanced Oxidation Processes

 Advanced oxidation processes (AOP) include ozone and UV and are the fastest growing segment among water treatment technologies. Plasma (ionized gas) is an extraordinarily powerful and energy-efficient new AOP platform. 

Onvector’s Plasma Vortex technology delivers multiple oxidants and disinfectants simultaneously, including hydroxyl radicals, singlet oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, UV as well as electrons and other charged particles. 

Unlike other plasma treatment technologies, our Plasma Vortex utilizes arc-type plasma in cyclonic flow reactors, which provides more reactions through a robust, continuous blast. Plasma Vortex is the only plasma water treatment device that works in any water quality (any salinity or TDS), without moving parts, sprays or bubbles inside the treatment reactor, and with minimal electrode erosion. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Oxidizes organic chemical contaminants
  • Destroys microbiological organisms
  • Delivery an array of oxidants and disinfectants simultaneously for higher performance and efficiency
  • Strong UV emission and high radical density
  • Cyclone flow reactors increase residence time of water and plasma exposure
  • Patented plasma channel “stretching” increases plasma-water interface
  • Flow design provides self-cooling to protect plasma electrodes from erosion
  • Reduced operating costs