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Industrial Wastewater Solutions

Onvector develops technologies that address the costly process of treating industrial wastewater. Our high-voltage Plasma Vortex and low-voltage Ion Pinch systems use innovations in advanced materials, electronics and fluid dynamics to deliver economic and environmental savings for industry's toughest waste treatment challenges. 

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Industrial Manufacturing


Organic compounds are ever-present in wastewater from pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas production, electronics, consumer products, food and beverage, as well as in remediation.  These contaminants must be treated prior to municipal discharge, and the most hazardous wastewater streams are incinerated.

Commercial Real Estate


HVAC typically represents about 40% of building energy. Evaporating water through cooling towers is an efficient way to remove large amounts of heat from buildings but also concentrates the water creating major energy losses over time through equipment fouling. Cooling water treatment is a large, often overlooked opportunity for building energy and cost savings.



  Ships flood and discharge water for ballasting when unloading or loading their cargo. Invasive species that are transferred from port to port in marine ballast water tanks pose a danger to human and ecological health. Stringent recent regulations require the disinfection of ballast water to prevent invasive species.  

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