Onvector’s Leading Edge Water Treatment Technology

Onvector provides patented, leading-edge, directed-energy non-chemical systems for treatment of water and wastewater. Our products, Ion Pinch and Plasma Vortex, are becoming brand leaders in water purification, wastewater treatment and cooling water scale suppression.

Ion Pinch™

Cooling is the largest use of water in the U.S. – greater than agriculture. Close to 10% of U.S. energy consumption is used for cooling. Ion Pinch is a low-voltage AC system for preventing and removing mineral scale and biofilm from water used in cooling towers. Ion Pinch delivers savings in chemical costs, energy costs, and water costs. Learn More

Plasma Vortex™

Plasma Vortex provides advanced chemical oxidation and robust biological treatment of industrial process wastewater. Our Plasma Vortex system provides a cost-effective alternative to incineration for the most difficult-to-treat manufacturing wastewater and industrial process water. Learn more