Our Market Focus

Our focus is the nexus of water and energy.

Onvector provides advanced, robustly designed and efficiently priced water treatment systems. Our systems are for industrial and commercial water treatment, including cooling water, manufacturing wastewater, produced water, plus a wide range of other process water applications.

Cooling water is an overlooked, basic economic input. Cooling is the largest use of water in the U.S., and about 10% of national energy consumption is for cooling. More water is used for cooling than for agriculture. Every building over 10 stories tall requires water-cooled HVAC, and nearly every factor has chilled water and compressed air. The largest expenses for data centers is cooling. Evaporation of water is important for energy-efficient cooling but also concentrates the cooling water requiring continuous treatment.

Produced water is critical cost driver for shale oil and gas production. Energy and cost efficiency of produced and flowback water treatment is nearly as important as extraction and production yield in attaining national energy independence, and water is an increasingly precious commodity.