Board of Advisors

Keith Karl

Mr. Karl has over three decades of technical product sales and marketing experience for industrial equipment with a dual-focus on direct end-user sales and the development of successful dealers, distributors, and representatives in the U.S. market. He is Filtration Product Manager at H2trOnics, Inc., an Aqua Phoenix company, where he is responsible for a portfolio of advanced filtration systems utilized in a wide range of industrial market segments. Previously Keith was Regional and US Sales Manager at the Vortisand division of Neptune Benson LLC, an Evoqua company, where he drove filtration sales for commercial and industrial HVAC cooling towers, data center cooling towers, healthcare, pharmaceutical, municipal wastewater, power generation, food and beverage, automotive, and a range of other manufacturing process water applications. For more than 15 years at Vortisand/Sonitec, Keith developed a strong and knowledgeable base of sales agents, aligning territories to local markets and trends, conducting formal presentations, and ultimately building numerous strong and lasting customer relationships. He was initially brought on to lead commercial and industrial filtration sales and quickly took Vortisand/Sonitec from $3 million annual sales to approximately $15 million. Keith was the first at Vortisand/Sonitec to spearhead and penetrate the data center cooling water filtration market, and he achieved the single largest Vortisand/Sonitec purchase order award of $5 million dollars from one data center. He was awarded a sole source contract with the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Keith is a member of a number of relevant profession associations including NFMT, CTI, ASHRAE, and AWT.

Phil D’Angelo

Mr. D’Angelo is a leading expert in process chemistry for the power industry and has more than three decades of experience in water and wastewater treatment for nuclear and fossil electric utilities as well as commercial and industrial clients in the U.S. and abroad. For two decades at PECO Energy, now part of Exelon Corp., Phil established his reputation by successfully deploying reliable large-scale solutions for the unique needs of the power industry including open and closed-loop water systems. In addition, he served for 3 years as a project manager at EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), the national technical consortium for the U.S. power industry, focusing on the development of non-precoat condensate polishing filters, iron transport control and low-crosslinked resins for iron mitigation in condensate polishing applications. Since 1995, Phil has served as an independent consultant providing technical expertise and project management for fossil and nuclear clients as well as completing 16 research projects for EPRI in ion exchange, microbiology, corrosion product transport, and filtration technology developments. Phil has specified, designed and/or engineered oil/water separation systems, emulsion breaking systems, ion exchange make-up water systems, powdered resin condensate polishing systems, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems, make-up water systems, corrosion product transport in fossil and nuclear power plants. Phil provides training in power chemistry, ion exchange, powdered ion exchange technology and oil/water separation and sorption.